Introduction to College of EECS

Electrical engineering and computer science area is no doubt one of the most important technologies for the 21st century industry. This area includes many new aspects such as semiconductor materials, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, system on chip design, and green energy technologies. The progressive change of microelectronics changes the world rapidly. The newly focused nanotechnology also makes this area very promising in finding new applications. Due to the amazing functionality of integrated circuits, many communication and signal processing integration technologies are developed. The incorporation of multimedia information and optic-electronic display enlarge the application usage of electronic products. In the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), NUU, we provide the platforms for learning the knowledge of electronic, electrical, electro-optic, and information technologies. The graduate programs also provide the development environment for advanced EECS researches and the training environment of well-educated students. We all hope that the College of EECS, NUU, must become more and more excellent. The faculty and students of the College of EECS, NUU, always welcome your participation.

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